Welcome to the online DOF calculator. With this calculator you can calculate the Depth Of Field (DOF) for any camera/lens combination and a given distance to the subject. Configure the type of camera you have, enter the focal length of your lens, the aperture you wish to set and the distance to the subject. The calculator will then calculate the DOF for you in that particular situation.

Just play around with it; It will give you quite some insight by just trying several values for your different lenses!

DOF Calculator

Camera type or film format
Focal length (mm)
Selected f-stop
Subject distance

DOF Calculator Output

Resulting Distance
Depth Of Field (DOF)
   Total Depth Of Field
   Acceptable sharpness Near Limit
   Acceptable Sharpness Far Limit
   In Front of Subject
   Behind Subject
Hyper Focal distance
Circle of confusion diameter limit