My name is Erik Zandboer and I work for EMC as a vSpecialist. In this job, I come across a lot of cool technology, like virtualization, (enterprise) storage, cloud computing etc. It has always been “me” to stay on top of technology and keep on learning. I live in the Netherlands, and always try to do some photography when I travel abroad.

As for hobbies… I have too many. As my primary education was Technical Computer Science, which is the mix between embedded hardware and software, I still do some hobby projects with it just for fun. The primary one is my paludarium. A paludarium is basically an aquarium with a land section put on top. There are a lot of microcontrollers that are involved in building the perfect atmosphere inside! Some links:


Another great hobby of me has always been photography. This blog site is dedicated to that. Recently it changed from a hobby to part-time professional work: I now do weddings and other professional photography. There is this strange feeling of capturing things in their most attractive way… For a history on my biotography see History.